Memorable Moments

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(6 bottle pack)

The wines in this selection are all from different regions with their own unique characters and taste, just like a unique memory created by a special one.

1 x Domaine du Chateau de Meursault Savigny Les Beaune 1er Cru Les Peuillets 2011

1 x Lawson`s Dry Hills Reserve Pinot Noir 2012

1 x Nashwauk Shiraz 2011

1 x San Filippo Brunello di Montalcino DOCG 2011

1 x Urlar Pinot Gris 2013

1 x Warramate Black Label Cabernets 2013

Suggested drinking sequence:

Each bottle here has their own attractive characters, and can be enjoyed one by one on their own for creating many uniquely memorable moments. Urlar Pinot Gris served slight chilled is wonderful, the aromas are so warm and fragrant which gives a comforting feel. The Chateau de Meursault Savigny Les Beaune will be a nice one to follow, its elegant red fruits and silky texture exerts a sense of brilliance and completness. Lawson's Dry Hills Reserve Pinot Noir is a richer, fuller style with riper fruits, great structure and is fantastic with a few light snacks with a treasured friend. Then comes the Warramate Black Label a very fine bottle of claret with a distinct hint of mint among the generous fruit, definitely a compliment to any well prepared meal. Nashwauk Shiraz has got a bit of power to it, with some concentration this wine is there to create great moments accompanied by great food with big flavours. The San Filippo is a layered with lots of different aromas and flavours, give it time an hour or so to open up and you will enjoy its development over the course of the next few hours. It feels very romantic to see how this wine evolve and even more so to enjoy with a special person over a candle lit dinner....Memorable Moments.

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